Microsoft intern stuns TikTok with video showing his office’s food and drink offerings: ‘You’re living the dream’

A Microsoft intern has made TikTokers extremely jealous.

It’s all thanks to a video from Tate (@tiktoktatertotz), a 21-year-old intern working at Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash., campus, near Seattle. In his clip, he shows all the snacks and drinks he has access to during a normal workday.

It’s just the latest video to show off the wild perks that some tech workers experience each day. In another viral clip, a former Google employee shared the benefits of working at the company’s corporate headquarters, describing it as the “best job ever.”

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Tate’s video focuses almost solely on the company’s food and drink options. To start, he shows up at the office’s coffee and beverage station, which seemingly has several coolers worth of complimentary drinks.

For lunch, he goes to the on-campus cafe, which he says has “rotating” options. He orders his food from a computer screen, and ends up with a delicious-looking chicken teriyaki bowl.

“Oh my God, this was insane, you guys,” he says of the food.

He continues through the day with more coffee and complimentary drinks, before later meeting a friend for dinner — unfortunately, not at Microsoft’s offices.

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Like so many other tech workers on TikTok, Tate seemed pretty blown away by the company’s food options. That said, he was quick to point out that, unlike some tech companies, Microsoft’s meals aren’t free.

“Kinda surprising no free snacks,” he added in the video’s caption.

Still, commenters were largely jealous of his in-office perks.

“You’re living the dream,” one wrote.

“Are y’all hiring lol,” another joked.

Other tech workers also chimed in. One TikToker, who seemingly also worked at Microsoft, noted that while the meals aren’t free, they are pretty cheap. Another, who said they were interning at Amazon, said they also had to pay for their lunch.

“Nothings free at Amazon either — fellow intern,” they wrote.

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