The Microsoft Rewards Program is seemingly back to normal, with users getting up to 30 points per reward again

 Redeeming Microsoft Rewards points in Microsoft Edge.
Redeeming Microsoft Rewards points in Microsoft Edge.

What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Reward Program has undergone numerous changes in the past few months, including adjustments to the points awarded for searches.

  • The changes included a drop in the number of points awarded and the introduction of a cooldown period which limited users to points for only 3 searches per 15 minutes.

  • Microsoft categorically indicated that it was not pulling the plug on the program, but there were plans in place to evolve it.

  • The company has seemingly reverted to the standard point awarding system for the program, allowing users to earn up to 30 points per reward.

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft has seemingly reverted to its old/standard point awarding system for its Microsoft Rewards program. According to a spot by Idle Sloth on X (formerly Twitter), users can now garner up to "5, 10, and 30 points per reward again."

Last year, Microsoft's loyalty award programs, Microsoft Rewards, and Xbox Rewards app underwent significant changes. This included restructuring the Microsoft Rewards award system, which saw points awarded for "other activities" drop from 10 to 2. The company also decided to call it quits on the Xbox Rewards app, ending the weekly challenges and player streaks.

Based on the feedback shared by users across social media platforms following these moves, it's clear that it was an unwelcome change. Consequently, several users highlighted that they no longer found Microsoft's Chromium-based browser, Edge useful, further indicating that they were mainly using the browser because of Microsoft Rewards.

Microsoft issued a statement stating that there were no plans in place to discontinue the Microsoft Rewards. The company added that it was evolving the program, hence the notable changes in the award system. Part of these changes included a cooldown period which restricted users to 3 searches per 15 minutes.

Don't fix what isn't broken

Microsoft Rewards in Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Rewards in Microsoft Edge

Browser wars continue to be a thing, even in 2024. Regardless of whichever browser you use, Microsoft Edge comes with a handful of features that are designed to make your user experience while scouring the web easier. Microsoft Rewards is one of the main selling points for the browser, which is why many users were aggrieved when Microsoft started making changes to the program.

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In the past few years, Microsoft has doubled down on its efforts to enhance Edge's user experience by shipping new features and updates to it in equal measure. This includes an AI-powered assistant, Microsoft Copilot integrated into the browsing experience. Users have openly indicated that Microsoft Edge feels rather bloated because of the hundreds of features that might not find useful.

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As such, it's apparent that Microsoft's decision to "evolve" the program would have negatively impacted the browser's market share.

Is the Microsoft Reward program back to normal for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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