Microsoft's dual-screen Neo PC delayed until at least 2021

The launch of Microsoft's Surface Neo is delayed until next year

A report indicates that Microsoft will be delaying the launch of its dual-screen PC, the Surface Neo, until at least 2021, citing coronavirus-induced setbacks.

CNBC reported on Thursday (via ZDNET) that, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Neo will not launch this holiday season as originally planned. Instead, the company is shifting its focus on refining the Windows 10X operating system for single-screen devices. 

The Neo laptop was announced last October alongside the Surface Duo, a second dual-screen device with a more smartphone-like form factor which runs on Android rather than a special iteration of Windows 10X. Both were scheduled to be released during the winter of 2020; apparently, only the Neo's launch timeline has been affected by the pandemic.

This delay is just another among several challenges the company has been facing as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, including the digitalization of conferences like Build 2020 and the MVP Summit.

While the Surface Neo probably won't be hitting store shelves until 2021, the Duo's holiday 2020 release is allegedly still on schedule.