Miley Cyrus Has Broken Up With Pot: Remembering All the High Times

Say it ain’t so! One of the most passionate relationships in all celebrity land has come to an end — Miley Cyrus has broken up with pot (“for a second” she told Billboard). As you probably know, Miley’s love for mariijuana was part of her revamped post-Disney “bad girl” image, so let’s take a look at some of her greatest hits (pun intended).

Remember when she lit up onstage at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards? It was in Amsterdam, after all.

Miley Cyrus smokes onstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards after winning Video of the Year.

Her Instagram account is still riddled with seriously smoky photos (and surprisingly tasteful bongs).

For fiancé Liam Hemsworth’s birthday this past January, she got the hook-up from Snoop Dogg and his company Merry Jane.

In terms of clothing, Miley is basically a walking advertisement for pot (and Justin Bieber).

During the holidays, Miley had some pretty high-concept Christmas sweaters.

Even if she calls off smoking for good, she’ll always have this tattoo.

In other entertainment news, Prince Philip is retired!

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