Millennial And Gen X Women Are Posting Their "Untouched Faces" To Remind The Internet What Skin Texture Looks Like, And It's So Refreshing

In a world of beauty filters, Botox, fillers, Photoshop, and images generated by artificial intelligence, we're surrounded by images of poreless and impossibly perfect faces. However, the "untouched face" trend going around on TikTok has women showing what their natural faces look like, wrinkles, pimples, dark circles, and all.

In January, 28-year-old Courtney Ball (@courtball on TikTok) started the trend, posting a video that included the text, "here is a reminder what the raw face of a 28 yr old girl who hasn't had any 'work' done looks like." As of this writing, her video has been viewed more than 8 million times on TikTok.

Courtney's face close up with a neutral expression

Courtney told BuzzFeed that she was inspired to post her bare, natural face because she wants to see more faces that haven't been digitally or surgically altered in her feed. "I believe untouched, filterless, makeup-less, natural faces aren’t seen enough, especially in the online space. I just felt it would be a positive message to share that blemishes, spots, scars, ‘flaws’ are OK, normal, and beautiful too."

Close-up showing fine lines and freckles around Courtney's eye

And she shared with BuzzFeed how she feels about getting older so far: "Getting older, to me, is a comforting feeling — to be finding my place in this big, scary, beautiful world. As each year passes, I know myself more and more, and I learn/unlearn more and more. Soaking up precious memories as a mom and partner, every second counts. And my body and face shows how much life I’ve lived!"

Now, I think she looks incredible. Unfortunately, the comments on her video were flooded with negativity from users shaming Courtney for having "sun damage."

Comment saying "I'm sorry WHAT are these comments [shocked emoji] this girl is stunning and looks exactly as she should?"

Despite the nasty comments section on Courtney's video, many more women have since followed suit by sharing their untouched faces and aging journeys. And they are all so beautiful. Here are just a few more women who've shared their untouched faces and wisdom with BuzzFeed:

Like 40-year-old Candace. She posted her face in response to the rude comments on Courtney's video, writing, "Have we forgotten that we are SUPPOSED to age? The internet has altered our sense of reality so much that a natural face looks 'bad'. I love my [imperfect] 40 year old skin."

Close-up of Candace, who has largely smooth skin and some dark shadows under her eyes, long braids, and a nose ring, raising her eyebrows

Natalie, 56, also joined the trend, writing, "Let's normalize natural skin and mature skin!" She told BuzzFeed, "I have enjoyed more things about aging than I expected! For instance, there’s a certain comfort and freedom with knowing your appearance isn’t being judged as harshly as it was in your 20s and 30s."

Natalie, with shoulder-length blonde hair, in profile, showing lines around her eyes

Hellie, 38 years old, also joined in the trend, noting that she's a former smoker. But when it comes to getting older, Hellie told BuzzFeed that she feels as if she's only getting better: "I’ve just become better in so many aspects of my life, thanks to experience."

Hellie smiling, showing a smooth face, with caption saying she smoked for 19 years, used sunscreen every day, and starting retinol in her mid-30s; also says cosmetic procedures are not in her budget but may be in her future

Ebby, 30, also shared her face, writing, "Honestly, there are days I do NOT feel beautiful with all these sudden signs of age — but I am thankful for the story my face tells, and never want other women to feel less than because they don't look like the babyfaced 'ideal'."

<div><p>She told BuzzFeed that as she's gotten older, it's been freeing to release the need to have life all figured out. "I used to obsess so much about every little thing that it hindered me actually being able to pay attention to the things that mattered," she said. "Lots of navel-gazing. Over the years, I’ve found purpose in things outside of myself and figured out what really matters to me. It’s enabled this grounding that I honestly couldn’t have imagined — confidence that definitely doesn’t come from myself — and the ability to sift through the muck, find the gold, and let the rest go. Freedom. It’s such a cool journey."</p></div><span> @ebbymoyer / Via <a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk=";elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas" class="link "></a></span>

Deanna, 40, also joined the trend and shared her "perfectly imperfect" face. She told BuzzFeed, "I appreciate feeling secure with my body and enjoy getting to know the version of me that comes with each additional year of experience and wisdom."

Deanna smiling and showing some lines under her eyes

Lissie, 33, posted her face, writing, "So grateful to have been around for over three decades of vibes and good food." Lissie told BuzzFeed that she's grateful for the privilege of aging, saying, "I have adopted a holistic mindset and approach to my health, and part of that journey is accepting and loving my body as it ages and goes through natural changes."

Lissie's face in a neutral expression, showing a nose ring, with caption:

And this 30-year-old woman shared her face and how growing up in India gave her a different perspective on beauty and aging. She told BuzzFeed, "I’ve noticed that I’m starting to look a lot more like my mom as I’ve gotten older, and I love that!"


Now I'm curious: What's something you've loved about getting older so far? Tell me all about it in the comments, and feel free to upload a pic of your untouched face, too, if you feel comfortable doing so!