‘Mind your own business’: Actress Nabila Huda hits back at PU Syed for lecture on touching dogs (VIDEO)

Melanie Chalil
Nabila with a Husky during a recent vacation in Christchurch, New Zealand. – Picture from Instagram/Nabila Huda

PETALING JAYA, Nov 5 ― Munafik star Nabila Huda lambasted PU Syed in a lengthy video after the religious preacher reprimanded the actress for posting a picture of her with a Husky while holidaying in New Zealand.

In the six-minute long clip, the 34-year-old asked the preacher what his issue was with her photograph that it warranted a public dressing down.

“What is your problem? What deeds are you talking about that’s so bad, Syed?”

“The problem is you. It’s a trend these days to name and tell off others, isn’t it?” said Nabila.

Responding to PU Syed’s opinion that the actress was better off not posting images of her with a dog, Nabila said she was free to upload whatever she pleases on her personal social media account.

“Mr Syed, that’s my Instagram so it’s my wish to post whatever I want,” she said to the preacher who made a name through the Astro religious reality TV programme Pencetus Ummah.

“If you feel I have committed a sin, that’s my sin to bear so you don’t have to advise me or put out a statement for the entire country to see and think that I’m bad just based on what you’ve written.”

Nabila who is the daughter of rock singer Amy Search said it was defamation on the part of PU Syed and urged him to not meddle in the affairs of others.

The actress who became a target online for touching a dog despite performing the purification ritual of samak said she was an animal lover who just wanted to share her vacation images with others.

“Just let it be. If someone wants to take a picture with a dog or a pig, so what? None of your business.

“It’s just a dog, if you don’t want to touch a dog, then it’s up to you,” Nabila said.

The actress added that if PU Syed had a message for her, he should have met her personally.

The mother of one concluded her post by telling PU Syed to take care of himself and wished him a good life.

Nabila’s message for PU Syed has been viewed over 258,000 times since it was posted yesterday.

Last week, the religious preacher decided to make an example of Nabila for posing with a Husky by admonishing her publicly.

He described her actions as a bad influence on others and claimed celebrities had the habit of embracing haram activities.

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