Minecraft's big 1.20 update finally arrives in June

 Minecraft 1.20
Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft's Trails and Tales update is out next month on June 7.

Earlier this month, we reported that the huge Minecraft 1.20 update seemed nearly ready for launch, with developer Mojang posting new screenshots of the version. Now those theories have come to pass, as it turns out the mighty Trails and Tales update will be out in just a few week's time from now on June 7 on all platforms.

Minecraft's 1.20 update and the Trails and Tales update are one and the same. Trails and Tales is just the subtitle Mojang has doled out for this beefy new update, so don't go thinking Trails and Tales is actually an in-game feature or mode for Minecraft.

Headlining the new update is the Archaeology feature. You'll be able to dig up hidden tools, bones, sniffer eggs, and pottery sherds, and if you put four of the sherds together, you'll craft one seamless pot with its very own patterning, that actually tells a story.

Camels are debuting with the 1.20 update, and as are Sniffers. The former can be found in herds and used to dash around a map with ease, while the latter has been introduced thanks to a fan-vote last year in 2022, joining the game to sniff out ancient seeds.

There's also the brilliant cherry groves offering full-pink wood sets, and 16 total armor trims to find, each of which can be used to give your armor a more personalized look. That's quite the feature list for the Trails and Tales update, especially in a game that's been going for so long as Minecraft.

Elsewhere in new things for Minecraft, we've still got the Dungeons and Dragons mode to look forward to, which promises a huge 10-hour campaign with branching narratives.