Minister: Merdeka’s original meaning lost on youth, but don’t stop loving country

Ida Lim
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    Ryan Myer
    Interesting thought to ponder upon. Reading this article forced me to think what independent Malaysia really means. I tried to imagine what it would be like to be colonised by foreign country. But imagination and reality seldom match. I can only use my grandmother's stories as the background picture. Her generation, i believe, can truely appreciate independence. Those who fought the communist and those went through the Konfrantasi. Our generation can only say thank you to those during theae period.
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    Malaya got it's MERDEKA by peaceful means through the mutual co-operation and understanding of the various races ,Malay, Chinese ,Indian plus the good will from the British , this forever we MUST never forget !
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    The real significance of Merdeka was lost upon the youth because in came UMNO introducing Corruption to the core for 60 years. A pity.
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    Who the F said the youth in Malaysia don't love their country? Hello? I'm one of the youth too, and I will love my country til the day I die. You should keep your opinion to yourself.
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    Merdeka is lost when pakatan took hopeless...and why would minority rule the country especially dap...they are communists...they killed the Malays who fought for TANAH MELAYU
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    vincent c
    Your job is minister of labour not minister of youth. Dont try to do Saddiq's job.
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    Do not narrow the meaning of Merdeka to Your merdeka. The Merdeka of youth is also our Merdeka.
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    The younger generation dont know the real value of Merdeka as the UMNO /BN and shame to MCA and MIC accomplice has twisted the whole history with racist thoughts which will take another three generations to put right with the actual historical facts.