Mirror mirror on the wall... which filter is the fairest one of all?

A study has weighed in on which Instagram filters are most flattering

There is no need to confront photographic evidence of your blemishes and wrinkles in photographs these days, thanks to the trusty old social media filters offered by platforms like Instagram. But when it comes to choosing exactly how to improve your digital appearance, which filter is the best one to use?

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (The Aesthetic Society), doctors have identified the best filters for women who want to look younger (or just better) to use on platforms such as Instagram.

The study, which was published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum, was titled "What is the Ideal Instagram Filter?" It assessed popular Instagram filters in order to determine which ones are the "most flattering," "most youthful," "least flattering," and "least youthful."

Juno, Lark and Sierra were deemed the most flattering filters, while Reyes, Rise and Gingham were determined to be the most effective at making people look younger. Hefe, X-Pro and Slumber were considered by the respondents to be the least flattering and Perpetua, Crema, and Aden ranked the worst for looking youthful.

Cosmetic surgery patients, the report said, will often use filters during consultations with doctors to communicate what they want to look like post-op, said the study's author, Anthony Youn. "Photo filters are here to stay," he said. "Determining the ideal Instagram filters can give us insight into more than just the desired surgical or non-surgical cosmetic outcome, but what our society as a whole considers flattering and desirable."

To read the study, see https://doi.org/10.1093/asjof/ojz019