‘Mishap’ leaves dump trailer standing on end after truck strikes overpass

Sven Gustafson

A truck hauling a dump trailer struck a freeway overpass overnight in northwest Indiana, leaving the trailer upright on its end leaning against the bridge and forcing the temporary closure of the freeway.

It happened late Wednesday on northbound Interstate 65 in Crown Point, about 10 miles south of Gary, and prompted police to temporarily close the freeway and reroute traffic. It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the crash or how the trailer came to rest in that improbable position; Autoblog sought comment with the Indiana State Police and will update this if we hear back.

There were no reports of any injuries sustained in the incident. On Twitter, the Indiana State Police called it a “mishap” and said that it was able to quickly reopen two lanes of traffic and had expected to fully reopen all lanes.

The bridge was inspected “and is ok,” police said.