Missed Connection: Man seeking kind woman who shared umbrella (ella ella)

Malaysian romantics, cynics and skeptics — gather round: A tale of love with an uncertain future is in our midst.

Gan, a civically-minded Sabahan has taken an ad out in his local classifieds hoping to be reunited with a particularly enchanting woman that he met on Malaysia’s 14th General Election at their local polling station in Kota Kinabalu.

Writing that they met on May 9, 2018 (already auspicious — go on) at St. Francis Secondary School (teenage dreams — we’re hooked), both were caught in the blazing sun (rays of hope, duh), with the nameless woman sharing her umbrella with Gan (THIS IS LOVE, PEOPLE).

“We had a good chat,” he wrote. However, the two were split (by who?! who did this to you?!) when it came their turn to vote, with Gan later regretting never asking her for her mobile number (he who dares, Gan. He who dares).

The Star contacted Gan for more information, but wrote that he was coy regarding his name, age, family, as well as marital background (Oh, hold up: Red flag).

“I have been thinking about this lady for months and I just want to be friends with her. I have no ill intentions but to sincerely find a friend whom I can hang out with,” he said. “We chatted on as if we were old friends,” for 20 minutes.

Saying that he can’t get her off his mind, he added that he hopes he can take her out for a coffee.

Ok, Gan: We’re gonna give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not married, because these are some pretty bold, international news moves for a betrothed man to be making.

Are you 160cm tall with short hair, and “cute”? Were you voting, and providing shade for a chatty man? If so, hit up our boy, Gan — he’s into you.


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