Missing Singaporeans in Gunung Pulai rescued


JOHOR BAHRU, Feb 8 — A Singaporen couple who were reported missing at Gunung Pulai since Monday have been found by a Search and Rescue (SAR) team through an aerial reconnaissance this morning.

Rescued climbers, Tan Chang Xiang Dominick and Clarice Lum, both 27, were safely rescued by the Search and Rescue (SAR) team near Gunung Pulai in Ulu Choh dam this morning. — Picture courtesy of Johor Fire and Rescue Department 

SAR team helicopter spotted the duo, Tan Chang Xiang Dominick and Clarice Lum, both 27, near Gunung Pulai in Ulu Choh dam at 11.20am.

A Johor Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said upon confirmation of their location, that the victims were rescued by the SAR team members using boats.

“Both the victims were conscious and had no signs of serious injuries when they were rescued. An ambulance later rushed them to the Pontian Hospital for further treatment,” said the spokesman.

The couple suffered from dehydration as well as minor cuts and bruises. Both have since left the hospital accompanied by their families members at about 2pm.

The couple were reported missing after the security team received a distress call at 5.55pm on Monday.

Following that, a SAR operations team was assembled with several agencies including the Fire and Rescue Department, the police, the Malaysian Civil Defence Force and volunteers.

It was reported that the victims were last contactable at 10pm on Monday. They could have lost their way because they went off track and did not use a route usually taken by climbers.