MLB Power Rankings: Cleveland Indians finish season at No. 1

Tim Brown
MLB columnist

Almost time for exit interviews. We’ve got questions.

The rankings (records through Wednesday’s games):

1. Cleveland Indians (99-59; Previous: 1): Any plans for the last week of October?

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (102-57; Previous: 3): When I say three o’clock, where is the big hand and where is the small hand?

3. Washington Nationals (95-63; Previous: 2): Harper’s braids. Yes or no?

4. Houston Astros (98-60; Previous: 4): Is there a statute of limitations on the SI cover jinx?

5. Arizona Diamondbacks (92-67; Previous: 5): Does my hair smell like chlorine?

6. Boston Red Sox (92-66; Previous: 6): When I say three o’clock, what kind of watch are you wearing?

7. New York Yankees (89-69; Previous: 7): We’re still studying the issue, but if we put up nets would you be bummed if you couldn’t see the fans clearer?

8. Chicago Cubs (89-69; Previous: 9): What comes after “Go Cubs Go” again?

9. Colorado Rockies (86-73; Previous: 8): You know what Rocky Mountain oysters are, right?

Minnesota Twins’ Eddie Rosario, left, Byron Buxton, center, and Max Kepler celebrate a victory over the Cleveland Indians. (AP)

10. Minnesota Twins (83-75; Previous: 12): Any idea how this happened?

11. Milwaukee Brewers (83-75; Previous: 10): What do you think about having Bernie stand out front and the Bud statue go down the slide?

12. St. Louis Cardinals (82-76; Previous: 11): If a Cub gave you a plate of nachos, wouldja eat ‘em?

13. Los Angeles Angels (78-80; Previous: 13): More than 20 or less than 20, how many games did the Rally Monkey win for us?

14. Kansas City Royals (78-80; Previous: 15): You’ll promise to write?

15. Texas Rangers (76-82; Previous: 14): Could you put in a good word with some pitchers?

16. Seattle Mariners (77-82; Previous: 17): Geez, how long have you been here?

17. Tampa Bay Rays (76-82; Previous: 18): I’m tired. You tired?

18. Baltimore Orioles (75-84; Previous: 16): I’m sorry, is that your ERA or your hat size?

Derek Jeter has the job of trying to turn around the Miami Marlins. (AP)

19. Miami Marlins (74-84; Previous: 19): Can we borrow $10 million?

20. Pittsburgh Pirates (73-85; Previous: 20): Do these losses make my butt look fat?

21. Toronto Blue Jays (75-84; Previous: 21): When they say “Winter is coming,” that’s not entirely literal, right?

22. Oakland Athletics (73-85; Previous: 24): Our Pythagorean W-L says we should have only won 71 games by now, so would you say we’ve overachieved?

23. Atlanta Braves (71-87; Previous: 22): Think you’d like to play for Ron Washington?

24. San Diego Padres (70-89; Previous: 23): Are you, like, disabled-list injured or the other-list injured?

25. New York Mets (69-90; Previous: 25): Your ERA was Collins’ fault, right?

26. Cincinnati Reds (67-91; Previous: 26): You sure you’re right-handed?

27. Chicago White Sox (65-93; Previous: 28): On first reference, do you say global warming or climate change?

28. Philadelphia Phillies (64-95; Previous: 29): So, pretty cool, huh, another year of not losing a hundred?

29. Detroit Tigers (62-96; Previous: 27): Honest opinion, ya think Michigan looks like a glove or a mitt?

30. San Francisco Giants (62-97; Previous: 30): How do you feel about even years?