MMDA Abolishes Towing of Illegally-Parked Vehicles

Cherryl Anne Cruz

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will no longer tow illegally-parked vehicles on major routes and thoroughfares. Instead, a ticket citation and a PHP500 fine will be charged to offenders.

One of the main reasons for its cancellation was to prevent arguments and possible misconduct of officials. “We intend to avoid confrontations and incidents of corruption,”said MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia.

Meanwhile, traffic enforcers are mandated to leave citation tickets on the vehicle’s windshield, and issue citation tickets twice a day, from 6 AM to 9 PM.

Also related to this is the abolition of the “5-minute” grace period given to drivers before their vehicles are towed away. This will be waived, together with vehicle towing.

These exemptions to towing, however, will not be implemented in all areas of the metro. Inner and municipal roads are exempted from this rule, and local government units still have the discretion to implement towing rules within their area. They can also ask the help of the MMDA when towing illegally-parked vehicles.

MMDA Illegal Parking

Ticket issued immediately

“The apprehension will be automatic. Once our traffic enforcers flag an illegally parked vehicle, they would immediately issue a ticket,” Garcia said. In the case of unattended cars, the ticket would be left on the windshield.

Vehicle owners will also be charged a PHP500 fine for three traffic violations. Still, the MMDA is proposing to raise the fine to PHP2,000, instead.

Garcia warned that violators who ignore citation tickets will be unable to renew their vehicle registration at the Land Transportation Office.

So what happens to their idle towing trucks? Many of them will be used to clear obstructions along the alternate routes that motorists use to avoid EDSA.

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