New mobile app helps patients to understand medical prescriptions

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Representative image
Representative image

New Delhi [India], September 7 (ANI): Know your prescription (KYP), a first of its kind platform in India created by the SiCureMi startup at FITT (IIT- Delhi), helps patients to get clarity about prescriptions they get from doctors which are sometimes difficult for them to understand.

The recently launched mobile application resolves patient's queries, makes them better understand the prescription through improving patient compliance and treatment adherence leading to minimising a medication error, drug interaction, said YK Gupta, Former Dean and Head Pharmacology AIIMS, Delhi.

"As of date, there is no platform in the country that will help the patient community to get the required clarity about the prescriptions given by the doctors. Lack of understanding of the prescription(s) many-a-times results in consuming wrong medications, dose, frequency, and duration," said Tarun Gupta, Director, SiCureMi Healthcare Technologies.

"This is the only platform that will provide simple, easy to use and effective communication between patients, pharmacists, and doctors," said Gupta. (ANI)

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