How Much Do Models Earn Per Runway Metre? We've Done The Maths: INFOGRAPHIC

You only need to watch that video of our favourite fashion models taking a tumble on the runway to know that strutting down a catwalk can be a perilous job. Could YOU walk in a pair of Alexander McQueen Armadillo heels? Well, exactly. So how much do the top catwalkers earn per year? Lucky for us, Forbes just published its list of the ten highest paid models and considering their combined income is approximatley $100 million, we'd say it's worth the odd slip up.

This has got Grazia Daily thinking about how many dollars the super-supermodels earn per runway metre. Take Gisele Bunchen, for example, who walked a total of 100 metres last year and made a whooping $45million. Do the maths and that's $450,000 in her back pocket for walking just one metre. Kerchiiiiing!

So in case you were in any doubt that it pays to be genetically blessed, take a look at the stats for the top earning models - from Lara Stone to Kate Moss - with our infographic below...

Catwalk Infographic model earning Grazia

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