'Modern Warfare 3' video trails Collection 1 download

'Modern Warfare 3': rushing through the snow in a one horse open snowmobile

While subscribers to Call of Duty Elite have been privy to monthly Modern Warfare 3 content, regular players can look forward to the series's largest downloadable content pack to date this month.

Content Collection 1, as it's known, compiles four maps for online multiplayer and a pair of two player cooperative Spec Ops missions.

From March 20, Xbox 360 owners can get their hands on multiplayer locations Liberation (New York Central Park), Piazza (Italian coast), Overwatch (New York skyscraper) and Black Box (Air Force One wreckage) as well as Black Ice (diamond mine sabotage) and Negotiator (Indian hostage rescue).

The trailer also employs a curious turn of phrase in "tight quarter combat." Why? Perhaps there's an eye on Battlefield 3's promotional campaign for its June content pack, Close Quarters.

Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1: Behind the Scenes Preview - http://youtu.be/2bcCtxxH180