Mohamad Merdeka to throw party for family and friends on Aug 31

Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah

PASIR MAS: For over 30 years, Mohamad Merdeka Che Soh has never missed attending programmes organised in conjunction with the National Day. But since his retirement last year, the former SMK Tendong teacher was no longer invited or had the opportunity to join any event held during the celebration. This, however, did little to dampen his Merdeka’s spirit as he looked forward to celebrate his 61th birthday that falls on National Day on Aug 31. “I must admit that I missed the moments (Merdeka Day celebration). The last time I attended a National Day programme was last year at my former school. “The school management organised three programmes on the same day - National Day celebration, my birthday and retirement. “It was the most wonderful moment in my life. Nowadays, I don’t get invited to attend National Day celebration, but it will never dampen my spirit to organise my own (Merdeka Day) celebration,” he said when met at his house in Kampung Slow Machang here today. The father of six said he would organise a celebration for the National Day and also for his birthday at his house. “I will organise a simple function and invite relatives, friends and neighbours to join the party and remember the big day together. “I want the current generation including my children to understand the meaning of Merdeka Day and always pray that the country remains peaceful and harmonious,” he said. Asked on the memory that he could not forget before his retirement, Mohamad Merdeka said the national-day celebration which he attended last year had left an indelible mark in his heart.

“The event was organised by the Information Department that brought between 60 and 70 people that had connections with the Independence Day, including Merdeka children from Sabah and Sarawak. “In the meeting, we shared our experiences about national day. “We also sang Merdeka Day songs together and this was the sweetest moment for me,” he said. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd