Moka Fang photographed with baby bump

16 Aug - While she has neither confirmed nor denied it, recent photos of Moka Fang has fuelled the rumours of a bun in the oven even more.

According to XCN News, the model and Mrs. Aaron Kwok, who only shares photos of herself from the waist up lately, was recently seen arriving in her hometown Shanghai and greeted by her parents at the airport.

Wearing a loose maxi black dress with white tee, Moka could almost hide any sign of a baby bump, except when photographed from the side - where her protruding belly was clearly visible.

Based on previous reports, the model is set to give birth at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital - the premium delivery suite costing around HKD 100,000, to be exact.

On the other hand, husband Aaron Kwok is currently busy filming his new movie, "Project Gutenberg".

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