Molly Sims on the challenges of motherhood — and how date nights with her husband are 'everything'

Molly Sims with her family: husband Scott Stuber, sons Grey and Brooks, and daughter Scarlett. (Photo: Courtesy of Molly Sims)

Point blank, “relatable” isn’t the first world that comes to mind when describing supermodels. However, despite her stints in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue issue, and TV’s Las Vegas, actress, mother, and model Molly Sims is a woman who deals with real-life experiences — just like us normal folk.

Today, Sept. 19, the Kentucky native and author is set to host the LiveHealth Online Summit in New York City. The event is focused on how moms and their families use technology in their daily lives. The panel will also address the challenges of postpartum care — which Sims knows about all too well, times three (thanks to her kids, Brooks, Scarlett, and Grey).

“Most new moms, and even experienced moms, have questions in the months after giving birth,” Sims tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Pregnancy books don’t explain everything, and you may be caught off guard by some things that are happening both to you and to your baby in those first few months. It’s so important to empower women to ask the right questions and to make sure that they are aware of all of the help and support — medical and emotional — that is available to them after they leave the hospital.”

Molly Sims with her crew: Scarlett, Grey, and Brooks. (Photo courtesy of Molly Sims)

With all the stress and excitement of a new role, Sims says she experienced a range of feelings after having kids.

“It comes with so many emotions: happiness, anxiety, exhaustion, elation — the list goes on and on,” says the 44-year-old. “Also, add those postpartum hormones into the mix. With each child, it did get better because I was a little more confident each time, but in the beginning, it was like learning a new language. I can’t even tell you how many times I woke up in a panic.” Sims says the key is to not compare oneself to other mothers.

While some days with a full house can be overwhelming, Sims splits childcare with her husband, Scott Stuber, a film producer.

“Before we had Grey, we each would grab a kid and we were covered. Now it’s a little more complicated. I’m lucky to have him because we are a great team. I’d definitely say we are equal players. Team Stuber, tribe of five — we’ve got this.” And Sims is not ashamed to admit that she’s had help from family, friends, and nannies too.

Molly Sims with her youngest child, Grey. (Photo: Courtesy of Molly Sims)

Sims is shocked that her Team Stuber kids are growing up so fast.

“Brooks just started his last year of preschool, and Scarlett just started her first,” says Sims. “They are doing so well. Me, on the other hand — I about lost it on the first day of school. It’s definitely bittersweet. As for Grey, he’s almost ready to crawl. I’m enjoying these last few weeks where I can actually contain him. Before long, he’ll be on the move!”

While Sims loves her kids more than anything, she and her husband don’t plan on having any more. The twosome rarely have date nights because of their childcare responsibilities and work.

“A lot of times, it’s just a dinner out,” says Sims, of the couple’s alone time together. “It means everything.”

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