Mom captures sons’ ‘creepy’ twin telepathy: ‘Freaks me right out’

They say twins can have a secret language no one else understands.

This mom is certain her sons have “twin telepathy.” Or, at the very least, there’s some “creepy twin stuff” going on between them. TikToker Danni Chalk recorded her boys during playtime; they were so in sync it was spooky.

The mom did call-and-response while the twin boys flipped through a book.

“When I say ‘party,’ you say ‘time,'” Chalk told them. “Party—”

“No! I want to say party!” both boys said in perfect unison.

In the comments, the mom claimed there have been other times their bond seemed so strong they felt each other’s pain.

“Freaks me right out,” Chalk wrote.

The video racked up 4.9 million views and 1.2 million likes on TikTok.

“I have a twin sister and this happens so often. I don’t know what’s the science behind this,” a person said.

“I think it’s weirder that it wasn’t just a word it was a whole sentence,” a TikToker replied.

“I’m a twin, I never thought this was telepathy. We are just very similar and think very alike lol,” another added.

“And the way they gave the exact same voice,” someone wrote.

“The same sentence and tone and everything,” a user commented.

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