Mom finds kid in unexpected place while checking baby monitor: 'I'm shaking'

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This mom got the spook of a lifetime when she checked the baby monitor and saw her daughter in an unexpected place.

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Normally, there isn’t anything spooky about TikTok mom Christina George’s baby girl. But with the right lighting, even the most innocent child can send a chill down their own mama’s spine. That’s exactly what happened when George took a peek at her baby monitor. It’s no wonder she captioned the video “kids are scary.”

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“I’ll just check the baby monitor…” the caption read.

George glanced at her monitor and the footage was nothing short of horrifying. The baby girl’s face was up close to the camera. Her eyes looked giant and black.

The expression on her face was fear. The night vision certainly didn’t help things, making her look pallid and ghostlike.

The hilarious video racked up 1.8 million views on TikTok.

“Nah bro the baby was checking in on YOU,” a user joked.

“I’m shaking the whole bed laughing trying not to wake mine up,” another wrote.

“I swear my little one can feel when I open it and her eyes pop open and she looks at the camera,” a person said.

“Or when they start breathing into the mic at 3 am while doing this,” a TikToker replied.

“I would simply turn it off and pretend I never saw that,” someone responded.

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