New mom shares what her stomach looks like 2 weeks postpartum

This mom on TikTok shared a video of what her stomach looks like two weeks after giving birth to challenge societal beliefs that postpartum bodies need to “snap back” into shape.

TikToker Danisha Lestaevel (@mama3xxx) is a parent, content creator, and self-love advocate who’s been documenting her pregnancy to encourage others to accept their postpartum bodies and smash the myth of bouncing back into shape immediately after having a baby.

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The clip opens with a shot of Lestaevel showing off her baby bump in her bathroom mirror. Posing from side to side, Lestaevel proudly displays all angles of her bump, stretch marks and all.

Having already experienced three C-sections, Lestaevel takes pride in her belly’s appearance as a visual reminder of her body’s strength and hard work.

The clip then cuts to the same bathroom shot of Lestaevel after her fourth C-section birth,

now two weeks postpartum.

Lestaevel’s once pregnant belly is now a recovering baby bump. Considering this is the fourth time Lestaevel’s stomach had to stretch big enough to accommodate a human, it’s not surprising that the skin around that area appears deflated a mere two weeks after giving birth.

In line with the prior shot, Lestaevel displays each angle of her postpartum belly, unapologetically showing off each roll and fold before the video comes to a close.

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Viewers appreciated Lestaevel’s efforts to promote postpartum body acceptance.

“The more these TikToks come out, the more I see people for who they are: just cool bodies doing their thing, and I’m so thankful for that,” one user mentioned.

“This is so important for first-time moms and dads to see and know. I remember after my first, I had a hard time because I had no idea,” shared one parent.

Postpartum is a journey. Thank you for sharing your own. Hoping you and your baby are healthy and happy,” one TikToker kindly said.

Tremendous physical changes occur during pregnancy, and videos like Lestaevel’s help deconstruct harmful myths surrounding postpartum recovery.

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