Mom shares hilarious list of things that have made her toddler mad

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This TikTok parent shared a hilarious list of things that have made her toddler irrationally angry in the last week!

Kristen Cook (@kristen.cook) is a mom and TikToker who shares hilarious parenting stories along with videos of her adorable toddler daughter. In a recent video, Kristen revealed a small selection of things that have upset her daughter over the course of the last week, and they’re truly hilarious!

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The video begins with a shot of Kristen sitting in her car wearing a black sweatshirt, her hair in a loose ponytail. A caption reads, “A list of things that upset my toddler this week.”

Kristen stares into the camera for a moment, then launches into her list. “I wouldn’t let her bring a jar of pickles with her while we were running errands, like bring it into every store, bring it in the car.” the mom recounts. “I told her to leave them at home. That was a no.”

Looking increasingly frustrated Kristen shares the next thing that made her 2-year-old mad. “[I] scraped a dry booger off her cheek,” Kristen says. “I should’ve known she wanted to save that booger. She knew it was there. She put it there.”

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Next on Kristen’s list is “asking her to put on underwear,” followed by telling her daughter she can stay up late watching TV. “She wanted to stay up late watching the TV show she was watching and I told her she could. I told her, ‘You can stay up a little bit,’” Kristen explains. “She did not like that. She said, ‘No, it’s bedtime,’ and she stomped to her room.”

Next, Kristen explains that her toddler was upset when Kristen wouldn’t let her watch while she peed. Last but not least, Kristen says that her daughter was upset because, “I farted.”

Kristen’s video had viewers cracking up!

“They were her emotional support pickles,” one viewer joked.

“I farted and my son burst into tears and ran into the guest room,” shared one parent.

“She’s funny like her mommy!” another TikToker wrote.

Toddlers might not have the most rational reasons for getting angry, but they certainly are entertaining!

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