Mom who was trolled for shopping workout video claps back with another one in Walmart

Sia Cooper was criticized for working out while shopping — so she made another video. (Photo: Instagram/Sia Cooper/Diaryofafitmomofficial)

Sia Cooper was criticized for working out while shopping at Target, so she did what any fearless fitness/mommy blogger would do: She shut down haters by posting another video — this time from Walmart.

Cooper, who has 630,000 followers, posted a video on Oct. 2 of her working out in Target while shopping with her daughter. “I wanted to show a way to kill two birds with one stone and how a busy mom could sneak a quick sweat in!” Cooper told the Daily Mail.

The video features her doing squats and lunges in the aisles while her toddler sits safely in the cart. Her creative workout garnered a lot of critical comments. “Seriously as if any woman would actually do that,” one follower wrote. “Her own kid is looking at her crazy. ‘Um let’s go home Mom, [you’re] embarrassing me,’” another wrote on Self’s post sharing the video. “This is so dumb,” criticized another. “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen!! Target is a sacred place of awesomeness!! Don’t make me feel bad for roaming the aisles while snacking on cheese doodles!!” one user accused. “Just shop and spend time with your kid!” another suggested. “Go to your house to work out. You are obstructing the aisle.”

One Twitter user named Melanie suggested that Cooper take her workouts to a different store. When Us Weekly shared her story on Twitter, Melanie replied, “She would fit in with the ‘Walmart’ crowd.” Cooper took that as a snide judgment against people who shop at that particular superstore.

Instead of letting the critics silence her and offend Walmart shoppers, Cooper packed up her kids and took that one commenter’s advice. “So someone negatively commented yesterday that I should’ve done my video in Walmart because I would’ve fit in better (in regards to my viral Target workout video) referring to the common thought that Walmart is a crazy, trashy place,” she captioned a new workout video she posted on Tuesday. “Soooo… I did! Because that’s how I clapback at my haters.”

This new workout is even more involved than the first. Cooper works out with her daughter strapped to her chest, while her son supports her from the shopping cart (until he joins in at one point). She even uses some of Walmart’s on-sale items as props and works out all the way through checkout.

This time, the positive comments far outweighed the negatives. “Yesss keep clapping back strong,” wrote one supporter. “Who the heck says that? Do people actually think their stupid opinions matter? Girl, you work out wherever you want! Target, Walmart, the dang goodwill. Who cares???” another chimed in. “Nothing wrong with Walmart! Work out where ever. I swear can you delete people who say stupid s*** like that.”

And, most important, one wrote, “Wtf is wrong with Walmart? They have great prices, lol.”

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