Moment brave shop owner tackles shoplifter trying to steal £250 of perfume and chases him in her flip flops

A brave shop owner is seen to tackle a thief trying to steal expensive perfume and chase him out of her shop in her flip flops

Domonique Woodward, 32, is seen on CCTV following the hat-wearing thief around her perfume store in Malvern at around 4.45pm on 8 September.

The man brazenly starts putting expensive bottles of perfume into a bag-for-life but brave Domonique leaps into action.

She grabs Paco Rabanne fragrances worth £250 from his bag before manhandling the stunned thief out of her shop.

At one stage the crook tries to snatch a bottle from a display shelf but brave Domonique, who is wearing flip-flops, shoves him outside.