Monday's Morning Email: “I Don’t Think They Could Have Escaped. You’ve Got Your Pews On Either Side.”


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AT LEAST 26 DEAD IN SHOOTING AT TEXAS BAPTIST CHURCH SUNDAY And 20 more are injured. Shooting suspect Devin Patrick Kelley reportedly began firing on the congregation with a Ruger AR assault-type rifle and was found dead of a gunshot wound after a car chase. A former member of the Air Force, he was court-martialed in 2012 for assaulting his spouse and their child. The victims in Sunday’sshooting ranged in age from 5 to 72, including the pastor’s daughter and an 8-months pregnant woman. “I don’t think they could have escaped. You’ve got your pews on either side,” Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt Jr. said Sunday. The Baptist church carnage was the 307th mass shooting in the U.S. this year, and such shootings are becoming more common and more deadly. President Donald Trump called the shooting a “mental health problem at the highest level.” [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE PARADISE PAPERS The massive document leak of over 13 million files reveals the elaborate offshore assets of top politicians and corporations, as well as some of the world’s wealthiest individuals and celebrities. The documents revealed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross failed to disclose ties to Vladimir Putin. Jared Kushner is also shown to have failed to disclose business links to a Russian oligarch. Queen Elizabeth II and Bono are just some of the people in the leak, which strongly resembles the Panama Papers leak of last year. [HuffPost] MUELLER REPORTEDLY HAS ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CHARGE FORMER NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER MIKE FLYNN AND HIS SON Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly looking at “possible money laundering charges, lying to federal agents, and Flynn’s role in a possible plan to remove an opponent of the Turkish president from the United States in exchange for millions of dollars.” [HuffPost] SAUDI KING ARRESTS MULTIPLE PRINCES, OFFICIALS IN HIGH-LEVEL CORRUPTION CRACKDOWN That strengthens the power of the crown prince and ensnares one of the world’s richest men, Alwaleed bin Talal. [Reuters] RAND PAUL SUFFERS FIVE BROKEN RIBS, BRUISED LUNGS IN ASSAULT The senator was reportedly cutting his lawn when his neighbor tackled him. [HuffPost] NETFLIX HAS CUT TIES WITH KEVIN SPACEY FOR ‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ It’s unclear whether his character will be killed off or whether the series will end. The streaming giant has not taken similar action against Danny Masterson, the former “That 70s Show” star accused of rape who now co-stars in Netflix’s “The Ranch.” [HuffPost]


THE OUTBREAK NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT Cases of hepatitis A have jumped 28 percent nationally this year, and there’s a “constrained supply” of vaccine. [HuffPost] HOW RUSSIAN TROLLS INFILTRATE NEWS ORGANIZATIONS Including Mashable, The Telegraph, NBC News, ATTN:, the Washington Post, Vox, RT, Medium, Salon, Fox News, the Miami Herald, CNN, BuzzFeed, Thought Catalog, Newser, the New York Post, The Blaze, Breitbart, the Boston Globe, Vice, Circa, Complex, the Los Angeles Times, the Daily Dot, The Daily Caller, the Washington Examiner and HuffPost. [HuffPost] OBAMACARE SIGN-UP THIS YEAR IS PRETTY CONFUSING Here’s how to navigate it all. [HuffPost] CONGRATS TO PATTON OSWALT AND MEREDITH SALENGER ON THEIR WEDDING The comedian’s 8-year-old served as the flower girl. [HuffPost] MEET THE ‘PARENNIALS’ All of the apps for all of the millennials’ babies. [NYT] APPARENTLY WE WEREN’T THE ONLY ONES WHOSE iPHONE KEPT REPLACING THE I’S WITH SYMBOLS You’re not alone, the glitch is everywhere. [Bustle]


  Here’s a list of shootings at churches over the years.  Sen. Chris Murphy’s response to the Texas shooting is worth the read. A look at the North Korean crisis hanging over Trump’s trip to Japan. According to the Pentagon, securing the country’s nuclear weapons would require a ground invasion. Paul Manafort has offered up his Trump Tower apartment in an attempt to get off house arrest.  The chairman of the DNC has vowed to reform the party’s presidential nomination process. This video of Trump giving up on feeding fish in Japan with the Japanese prime minister is an instant classic. Remember that viral photo of the bicyclist who flipped off Trump’s motorcade? Turns out she got fired for that. Meet the woman who is the first American to win the New York City marathon in 40 years. Jimmy Fallon’s mother died of an undisclosed illness Saturday.  Are we about to get a “Lord of the Rings” TV show? Diddy has a new name. We can’t decide if we buy this Harry Potter and the Dursleys theory. Lil’ Kim could not handle that Beyonce dressed up in five of her iconic outfits for Halloween. Kanye West was back onstage for the first time in a year this weekend. Bachelor fans: Thoughts on the adorable coupling of Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and Bachelorette star Wells Adams? “How much is too much to save a dying cat?”

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