Monitor lizard devours giant fish in Singapore Botanic Gardens (Video)

A feasting session involving a monitor lizard and a fish way bigger than itself took place in the wide opens of the Botanic Gardens recently.

TikTok user Brie Benfell captured the grizzly spectacle of a monitor lizard tearing an arapaima fish, which is at least five times bigger than the lizard, apart.

“What is happening in the Botanic Gardens right now oh my gosh,” she said in the video posted yesterday.

Benfell also interviewed one of the garden’s staff. He said the fish was about 15 years old and the lizard dragged it out of the waters. He said he wasn’t sure what the fish’s problem was but he thinks it is sick.

She elaborated in the comments saying that another lizard came to feast on the fish and became “territorial” so she had to leave.

Commenters were shocked that such an incident could be seen at the park and that the lizard managed to drag it out of the waters despite being much smaller than the fish.

“You’re telling me this spectacle happened at Botanic Gardens??? For free????” TikTok user Devstruction wrote.

“How did the lizard drag a fish thrice his size out the water, by HIMSELF


” Rosegoldsparkless wrote.

Sightings of the arapaima fish in the Swan Lake of the Gardens are quite common but this species is a native of tropical South America and is known to be among the world’s largest freshwater fish.

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