'Monopoly' makes a play for iOS, Android success

Marmalade Games has been building an app store empire through 'The Game of Life,' 'Clue,' and 'Battleship.'

After a new version of Hasbro's "The Game of Life" was named one of the App Store's most-downloaded apps of 2019, the same studio's overhaul of board game classic "Monopoly" is made available for Android and iOS devices, just in time for end-of-year meetups.

Featuring modes for solo play, online multiplayer, and four-player pass-the-phone sessions, Marmalade Game Studio's edition of "Monopoly" has debuted on the Apple App Store and Android's Google Play Store.

The paid app also offers a number of house rule variations to choose from and a quick mode in exchange for its $3.99 USD purchase price.

Online multiplayer can be configured as invitation only or public for the "Monopoly" playerbase at large, while Quick Mode shortens jail time, speeds up hotel builds, and calls time after the first bankruptcy is declared.

Over and above the initial $3.99, Marmalade has set up a number of extras for those who want more cosmetic accessories and are willing to part with several times more than that first payment: a $6.99 Snowdrop Valley theme pack, $4.99 Snowdrop Valley board, plus Reindeer, Snowman, Snowmobile and Tree tokens for $1.99 apiece, wrapping it up in a $29.99 Season Pass.

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