Monstrous 15-foot crocodile is caught after a hunt lasting almost a decade

Rob Waugh
Monster 15ft crocodile caught after eight-year hunt

A monstrous 15-foot saltwater crocodile has been caught by rangers after avoiding capture for almost a decade in Australia.

The monstrous ‘salty’ is one of the biggest ever caught in a trap: it was 15 feet long and weighs 1,328lb.

The 60-year-old creature was found in a trap near the outback town of Katherine, and will now be moved to a crocodile arm. .

The rangers posted on Facebook, ‘He was removed downstream from Katherine to help prevent human interaction in the more populated areas.

A monster 600kg crocodile has been caught in the Northern Territory.

‘Large crocodiles can move around Top End waterways undetected and you should always Be Crocwise.’


Almost 200 crocodiles have been removed from waterways in the Northern Territory this year.