Montenegrin official attends Russian presidential election as observer, sees no controversy

Boban Radović at the so-called elections in Russia
Boban Radović at the so-called elections in Russia

Boban Radović, Secretary General of the Free Montenegro party and a member of the Podgorica City Council, traveled to Russia to the so-called presidential election as an "international observer", the leader of the Free Montenegro party, Vladislav Dajković, told the Pobjeda portal on March 16.

Dajkovic told reporters he did not see any controversy in the visit, stating that his priorities did not include appeasing those who may “perceive issues” with it.

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"We have our own views, we are not subject to, we do not depend on the opinions of other political actors, so I do not see that we could have problems because of this," he said.

“If someone thinks that we should apologize because we want to cooperate with a centuries-old fraternal partner like Russia, then this is their problem, not ours.”

Radović is "a person who follows a true Montenegrin tradition," the party leader added, without specifying who exactly invited Radović to be an observer in Russia.

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The Free Montenegro party is blocking the country's accession to NATO. Dajković, its leader, has repeatedly written about this on his social media accounts and posted photos from his trips to Russia.

Media reported on March 8 that three MPs from the right-wing radical party Alternative for Germany (AfD) were also planning to travel to Russia to observe the "elections."

The so-called presidential elections started in Russia on March 15 and will last until March 17. They are held without EU observers.

Dictator Vladimir Putin, who has been ruling for 24 years, announced his participation in the elections in December 2023. The Russian Central Election Commission did not register any opposition or anti-war candidates.

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