More than 250,000 throng JB city for Chingay parade

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    People in JB is very lucky and blessed to have a very good Sultan - he truly deserves respect for the way he runs JB. Allowing other races to celebrate and have fun...most important is when a Muslim laundry mart said only Muslim can use their services, he stepped in and prevent it - truly a good, fair and wonderful Sultan....
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    Tea K
    this the way Malaysia should be.Multi racial, multi cultural & religious tolerance for all people.
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    Pickpocketing frenzy.......
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    There is hope yet for the nons in Malaysia. Come to Johor my fellow Malaysians. Let's show the Ketuanan bigots how we can build a place where ALL Malaysians are treated equally under the Bangsa Johor umbrella.

    Long live His Majesty
    Daulat Tuanku.
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    I''ll be there next year !
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    but good on the current Sultan to make Bangsa Johor closer to reality, atonement for his and his forefather's past sins
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    Takeshi Victor
    LOL. I think it is uselss as it is the mindset of moslim that dun allow other religion to be peaceful