More Ip Man in "The Grandmaster"

More Ip Man in "The Grandmaster"

10 Feb – Although Tony Leung's parts in the Wong Kar Wai movie, "The Grandmaster" was heavily edited and overshadowed by Zhang Ziyi's character, the actor will get to see some of his edited scenes in the international version of the film.

Groove Asia website reported that while the film's international version has eight less minutes than the China and Hong Kong version of 130 minutes, Tony Leung's Ip Man character will have an increase in scenes.

Several major scenes, including his fight with Cung Le and Bruce Lee's childhood meeting with Ip Man, would also appear in the international version.

The actor, who flew in from Hong Kong to Berlin for the opening of the 63rd Berlin Film Festival, revealed, "I never thought that my role was less in the Mainland version, so I don't feel anything special about the added scenes. But I do feel that some adjustments to the story will make it more intense."

Meanwhile, Wong Kar Wai stated that he is considering removing some of Zhao Benshan's scenes, saying that since the character discussed kung fu with metaphors, foreigners might not understand it.