The Morning After: Friday, October 27th 2017

Richard Lawler

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Depending on your interests, today is possibly iPhone X day, Super Mario Odyssey day, Stranger Things season two day, Assassin's Creed Origins day or Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus day. But it's definitely Friday -- we checked.

'Another evolution of a perfect formula.''Super Mario Odyssey' review

The first big Mario platformer for Switch is here, and it looks like a winner. Aaron Souppouris describes Odyssey as a combination of Mario 64 and Galaxy. While it doesn't follow Breath of the Wild's lead as a departure from the series' norm, earlier Mario games provide a solid base so that it doesn't have to. New features like fast travel, maps and Cappy are just icing on the cake

So did you get one?iPhone X pre-orders are open -- but there's already a wait

If you're looking for Apple's $1,000+ OLED iPhone, then the easiest way to get one is probably by pre-ordering now. Of course, if you haven't ordered already then there could be a few weeks of waiting (beyond the November 3rd launch date) ahead, but we're sure you were up at 3 AM with the Apple Store app open.

It's a work in progress.Google responds to Pixel 2 issues

Meanwhile, early-adopting Pixel 2 owners have been complaining about some issues with its display (especially on the larger XL model) as well as weird noises. Google has responded to those concerns, saying that a new vibrant mode is coming to make the colors pop on those OLED screens, and that software tweaks will help stem image retention. Either way, it's extending the base warranty on all Pixel 2 phones to two years instead of one. Oh, and as for those weird noises -- a software fix is coming, but for now affected owners can squash it by disabling NFC.

Give your friends a close-up view of your nostrils.Instagram's new feature adds dramatic zoom-ins to your Stories

It's time to star in your own telenovela.

Live in the cloud.Google Pixelbook review

This Pixelbook bears no resemblance to the original Pixel, but it's cut from similar cloth. It's still one of the nicest laptops you can find -- and it's still running Chrome OS. Despite mediocre battery life, its software and hardware, Nathan Ingraham says, justify the high price for users who don't absolutely need a Windows or Mac PC.

Where does Sony's headset stand?PSVR, one year later

One year after the debut of the PSVR, Sony hasn't publicly updated its sales figures since June. There are plenty of games, however, with more than 100 VR experiences available and 60 more expected by early 2018. So, will the intrigue last long enough for VR to gain a significant foothold on consoles, or have we already seen the best of this accessory?

Desktop-class speed and graphics in ultrathin notebooks.AMD stuffs Radeon Vega graphics into its Ryzen Mobile chips

AMD is setting its sights on laptops with these upcoming Ryzen Mobile chips. And, as you might expect, they'll feature integrated Vega graphics. AMD's goal? To power ultrathin laptops that can still play a few rounds of Overwatch.

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