‘The Morning Show’ Season 2 Recap: Everything You Need to Know for Season 3

UBA has seen it all, or so viewers of their prized “Morning Show” would think. After the first season of the Apple TV+ drama series found the legacy media network uprooted in the wake of a sexual abuse scandal by lead anchor Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), Season 2 saw Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) picking up the pieces of the toxic work environment encouraged, in part, by former president Fred Micklen (Tom Irwin). Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) replaced Fred and hired Stella Bak (Greta Lee) to take over the news division.

Bradley hit her stride on “The Morning Show,” anchoring alongside Eric Nomani (Hasan Minaj) while Alex took some time off to write a book. Bradley and Eric rang in the new year of 2020 before everything started to go sideways with the global pandemic. Meanwhile, Mitch retreated to his private property in Italy, where he caught the eye of Paola Lambruschini, a documentarian who captured his final moments — where he seemed to come to terms with all of the harm he had caused.

Read on to refresh your memory of what happened in Season 2 of “The Morning Show”:

Mitch Died in a Single Car Accident

Steve Carell as Mitch Kessler in Season 2 of “The Morning Show” (Apple TV+)
Steve Carell as Mitch Kessler in Season 2 of “The Morning Show” (Apple TV+)

After Mitch and Poala finally consummated their growing sexual tension, Mitch took an early morning drive to find cigarettes. At the same time, Alex was also driving to the airport to leave Italy. While it seemed that they would cross paths, they never did. Mitch drove his car off a cliff, after he seemingly realized how much damage he had truly done by sexually violating women. Word of his death crossed the Atlantic quickly, and UBA broke the news after getting confirmations from two separate sources. Mitch’s death marked the second time a character died in a “Morning Show” season finale; Hannah Shoenfeld (Gugu Mbatha Raw) overdosed when her mental health deteriorated after Mitch raped her in Season 1.

Maggie Brenner’s (Marcia Gay Harden) Book Came Out

Maggie went straight for the jugular in her UBA exposé titled “The Wrong Side of the Bed” by putting Mitch and Alex on the cover. Alex dreaded the tell-all’s release, but Bradley got a hold of an advance copy and was able to prepare interview questions for Maggie. Bradley came to Alex’s defense in more ways than one during the contentious interview, and she even inspired a Twitter trend praising Alex for being a feminist hero.

Alex Attended Mitch’s Memorial

Alex braved Mitch’s memorial service along with Yanko Flores (Nestor Carbonell) and several of Mitch’s other buddies — including Dick Lundy (Martin Short). Although she was advised to stay away from the ceremony by Chip (Mark Duplass), Alex went to tell Mitch’s ex-wife Paige (Embeth Davidtz) that he seemed contrite before he died. Unfortunately, clips of Alex’s speech were leaked on social media, and she woke up in the middle of the night to a different trend — people canceling her. She then tripped in the dark, hit her head and was knocked out.

Alex Took the Nation Through Her COVID

Alex was hospitalized after hitting her head. While there, she tested positive for COVID.

Chip pitched Cory an inaugural project for UBA, “Alex Unfiltered,” in which Alex would share her COVID recovery on live TV. Chip even pretend he had COVID so that Alex wouldn’t worry about infecting him while he helped document her. With a full face of makeup and Chip behind the camera, Alex tried her best to warn the nation of the risk of contracting the disease.

Bradley Tried to Take Hal to Rehab, He Left

Hal (Joe Tippett) showed up at the UBA studios in a bad state after using drugs. He confronted his sister Bradley, who took him into her hotel room at the Archer Gray Hotel. Following their arguments, Hal backpedaled and agreed to go to rehab as Bradley had suggested. She did all the research to find him the best facility, but when she dropped him off and asked that they not speak anymore, he reneged and left. The only way Bradley knew that was because he dropped off all the cash she gave him at her hotel. She posted a video to her Instagram story and found him in the hospital through a nurse who called her.

Laura Peterson Went to Stay in Montana

Reese Witherspoon and Julianna Margulies in Season 2 of “The Morning Show” (Apple TV+)
Reese Witherspoon and Julianna Margulies in Season 2 of “The Morning Show” (Apple TV+)

Because of her heart condition, Laura retreated to Montana to quarantine during the pandemic. She invited Bradley to come with her, calling Bradley “her woman.” The two had struck up a secret romance earlier in the season since Bradley struggled with labeling herself as bisexual.

Cory Confessed His Love for Bradley

Cory came to Bradley’s hotel room once he saw the video she posted about Hal, who had gone missing. Cory offered to help her scour the streets and hospitals, and in the middle of their search, he blurted out that he loved her. Bradley was at a loss for words after Cory’s confession, but then received the call alerting her to Hal’s whereabouts.

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