This Morning viewers bemused as woman claims she has 'proof' her family were abducted by aliens

Last week This Morning fans were tickled when hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield interviewed “real-life mermaids” on their show, with viewers taking to social media to blast the “ridiculous” story.

Now viewers have been left bemused once again after an American woman appeared on the show to “prove” that her auntie and uncle had been abducted by aliens in 1961.

Holly called the story ‘fascinating’. Copyright: [ITV]

Betty and Barney Hill hit the headlines in the 60s after they claimed that aliens abducted them while they were on holiday in Montreal.

Their niece, Kathleen Marden, spoke out to Holly and Phil today, claiming: “They were driving through Hampshire in 1961, when they had a close encounter with a UFO.

“Barney got out of the car with binoculars and looked, and according to the airforce report, they observed a craft that was approximately 100ft above them.

“It was very large, as large as a dinner plate at arms length, and was observed by a dozen people as well as them.

Kathleen’s auntie and uncle hit the headlines in the 1960s. Copyright: [ITV]

“They said it was a bonafide sighting, not just a blip.”

She continued: “Barney believed he saw a cap on some of the heads, when they turned sideways, something seemed to be protruding from the head area.

“A red beam of light then came, and Barney ran to the car shouting, ‘We need to get out of here!’ There was then a loud sound, and then woke up and realised they’d lost two hours of time.

Kathleen recalled the abduction in detail. Copyright: [ITV]

“Barney believed there was a plan for them, and they jumped in the car, raced down the highway from this craft, and moved over the vehicle. Betty looked up, expecting to see a light but looked up at darkness.

“The car was vibrating, and they woke up and then had very little memory of the interim, other than encountering a road block and a fiery orb.”

Kathleen went on to reveal that her relatives had “evidence” of the alien abduction in the form of Betty’s torn dress, which was covered in “pink powder on all the areas she’d been touched”.

Kathleen claims this pink dress is ‘evidence’. Copyright: [ITV]

Despite the guest’s detailed story, most This Morning fans weren’t buying it – and many took to Twitter to share their reactions:

Despite viewers’ cynicism, Holly remained enthralled by the story, telling Kathleen that it was “fascinating”, with Phil adding: “That’s started our conversation today!”

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