The Morning After: Wednesday, October 25th 2017

Richard Lawler

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

We put two of the latest 4K streaming sticks to the test, explain why scientists are redefining the kilogram and discover a ramen fork that cancels out slurping.

Tom Nook is going after your real money.'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' arrives on smartphones in November

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you build your own camp from scratch instead of developing a town. Despite the change in setting, the elements the beloved franchise is known for are still there: Isabelle will still guide you in your journey, along with the animals that move into your camp.

You'll able to visit other camps and make friends with other players, as well as build new facilities. To build a new pool or a playground, you'll have to find crafting items and wait until they're finished. But now you can purchase those items and speed up the facilities' construction with Tom Nook's help by paying with Leaf Tickets. And that's how Nintendo intends to make money from the game.

A 4K streaming stick face-off.Amazon vs. Roku

They're both about $70; they both bring 4K streaming with all the video apps you'd like to use. Devindra Hardawar spent some time going back and forth between the latest Fire TV stick and Roku Streaming Stick+, so you don't have to.

It could be time for an upgrade.Which 4K OLED sets are worth buying?

With so many new televisions boasting fantastic image quality, which is the best for your particular needs? We've scoured the web, reading reviews from trusted critics to determine which OLED TVs you should be considering right now.

$3,199.Sony's A7R III packs big improvements into a familiar package

Sony officially revealed its new A7R III at an event in China very early this morning, and it packs a handful of notable improvements and under-the-hood changes into a very familiar looking body.

Google is testing its buyers' patience.Some Pixel 2 phones are making strange noises

If Pixel 2 screens with supposedly "burned in" images weren't enough, there are now reports of some phones emitting clicking noises and high-frequency whines. Not a good start for phones branded as Google-made hardware.

But lead is heavier than feathers.Why scientists are redefining the kilogram

For the first time since the international system of units (SI) launched in 1960, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) is redefining four basic units of measurement, not by any human metric but by the immutable forces of the universe.

Shame on you, noodle harasser.This ramen fork will play noises to cover up your gross slurping

The non-issue of noodle harassment has met its match. Nissin, makers of the Cup Noodle, has invented the Otohiko, which is a tech-enhanced fork that will detect slurping noises and camouflage them with other sounds.

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