Most fuel efficient cars in Malaysia

Lisa Kuok

Fuel prices are up and with them, everyone's arms. Here we look at some of the most fuel efficient cars available in Malaysia in no particular order of fuel efficiency.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Fuel consumption: 21km/L

Engine capacity : 1.2L, 74bhp, 100Nm

From RM55, 328.65 on-the-road without insurance

A saloon version, the Attrage will be available from October this year, priced from RM59,000.00

Hyundai i10

Fuel consumption: 18.9km/L

Engine capacity: 1.1L, 64bhp, 99Nm

From RM51,388 on-the-road without insurance

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Fuel consumption: 15.4km/L

Engine capacity: 1.6L, 101bhp, 153Nm

From 99,888.00

Perodua MyVi 1.3

Fuel consumption: 17km/L

Engine capacity: 1.3L, 99bhp, 117Nm

From RM 41,924.30 on-the-road inclusive of insurance


For petrol driven cars with great mileage, nothing beats the hybrids with their combination petrol-battery powered engines which can equate to fuel economy figures of over 35km/L. Prices for hybrids range from RM94,800 for the lowest cost hybrid, the Honda Jazz 1.3 to over RM1million for super luxury models like the BMW Activehybrid7.  Here, we are showing a picture of the 1.5L RM97,313 Toyota Prius C just because...