Mother of Kevin Spacey accuser says he should go to jail

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Heather Unruh was a local Boston news anchor for 14 years but now has been thrown into the Kevin Spacey scandal.

Unruh sat down for her first TV interview on Megyn Kelly Today to talk about Spacey’s alleged sexual assault of her son in July 2016. Unruh tells how her then-18-year-old son was working as a busboy at a restaurant where Spacey happened to be dining.

Unruh said, “It happened when my son got off of his shift … he was introduced to Kevin Spacey. He was thrilled, thinking, ‘This has to be the greatest night of my life.’ And they talked for a long time. They sang together at the piano. And then, out of nowhere, Kevin violated him. And not just once.”

Unruh went on to explain the psychological effect it had on her son: “When he called me, he was devastated. He was very broken up. I think he was just very shocked it had happened to him.”

From 2004 to 2015, Spacey was the artistic director of the Old Vic, a theater in London. Recently their internal investigation has surfaced 20 new allegations against the actor.

Unruh told Kelly that she’s talked with some of those alleged victims, who described encounters similar to her son’s. “The details are so similar in these cases. Heterosexual male that wasn’t looking for anything like this, didn’t want it, and it changed his life.”

When asked what should happen to Kevin Spacey next, Unruh didn’t mince words: She thinks he should be in jail.

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