Mother's tears after finding car note from stranger after school run

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A note was left by a stranger in a mother's car door in Leeds. (Reach)

A mother has said she “started tearing up” after finding a note of support on her car from a stranger.

Genevieve Spark had just completed a stressful school run with her three children and had parked her car outside the Matalan store in Halton, Leeds.

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When she returned to her car to see the note slid in behind a door handle, she thought the worst.

But when she opened it she found it contained a supportive written message.

It read: “You have beautiful children! Thanks for making me smile today from my car.

“From one mum to another - you are doing a fab job!”

The note was signed by “Sarah”.

This was the note left by the stranger for a mother who had just done the school run in Leeds. (Reach)

In a Facebook post, Ms Spark wrote that she had been dropping her six-year-old daughter off to school, along with her two-year-old son and nine-week-old baby boy, who had been crying during the journey.

She wrote: “If you were to see a note on your car on returning from a shop, you’d automatically assume the worst… wouldn’t you?”! 

Well I instantly thought, ‘Oh God, what is this?’

“Then I read the note… and wow! I instantly started tearing up but held the happy tears back so my beautiful children didn’t see! 

“This was after dropping my 6yo daughter off at school and my 9 week old baby boy cried all the way in the car and I was distressed hearing his bad cry (he has a possible allergy or intolerance).

“My baby boy was also most likely feeling distressed cos he just wanted me (even though I was right there and just couldn’t get to him whilst driving), and my nearly 3yo son just sat patiently in his seat staring out the window.”

She added: “From one stranger to another and one mother to another, thank you so much for this amazing message to me this morning.

“It honestly made my day. You just never know how someone might be feeling and this definitely made me feel better at that moment in time!”

Ms Spark told Leeds Live that after parking, she had fed her baby in the driver’s seat, and that a woman in another car had smiled at her.

She said Sarah had since got in touch with her after the Facebook post was widely shared online.

The mother said she thought the worst when she returned to her car to find the note. (Reach)

Facebook users shared their approval of the note.

One wrote: “That is so thoughtful of this lady. I bet it made the mum's day. I love being told I have lovely children."

Another said: ”Why pull someone apart when you can help them to fly? Don't be a negative person, be a SARAH!”

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