Mother Unhappy With Verdict After Maid Who Forced Toddler’s Hand Into Boiling Water Gets 14 Months Of Jail Time

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A mother wants justice after the maid who dipped her baby’s hand into a pot of boiling water was sentenced to just 14 months of jail time. 

In a Facebook post, mother Amy Low Mei Lang writes that the sentence given to the domestic helper was unjust and calls it ‘miserably short.”

mother wants justice
mother wants justice

Source: Facebook Screengrab / Amy Low Mei Lang

Amy Low Mei Liang: ‘Harming a defenceless toddler… yet it’s barely 14months.’

On the day of the incident, she said the maid remained “passive” over the situation while their eldest daughter was the one who contacted them and nursed her sister’s burns. As parents, they felt their daughter’s pain but the helper only kept insisting to be transferred during the whole ordeal.

She went on to clarify that her baby’s hand was forced into the boiling pot as clearly seen on the CCTV footage and it was not done out of curiosity. 

For this, she said the maid’s tears over her sentence was no worse than her baby crying over her burnt arm.  

mother wants justice
mother wants justice

Image Source: Facebook video screengrab

Mother sets the record straight about incident

The mother did not mince her post, pointing out “facts” and those “twisted on media.”

She said that the maid was treated like family and that her only responsibility was to take care of her toddler since their eldest daughter was independent enough to take care of herself. She also mentioned from the start that she could do the cooking as long as the helper took care of her baby while there was no other caregiver present. 

She also stressed that they never gave the helper a tight schedule and denied any report of them asking her to cook curry chicken.

While it was previously reported the maid had informed the couple she wanted to be transferred, the mother says the helper had already asked her agency without telling them. 

Finally, she added that the abuse that her baby went through and the trauma that her eldest daughter now carries should be enough to consider a longer sentence for the helper. 


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