Motorola promises consumers the first smartphone they can design themselves

First ads for Google's X Phone, now called the Moto X, promise a handset as unique as its user and a phone designed and built in the US.

Rumors of an all-conquering Android handset co-developed and built by Google and Motorola have been swirling around for the best part of a year as have the mythical handset's capabilities. And although the ads state simply that the Moto X is "coming soon", they do finally confirm that the handset's internal and external specifications can be personalized and customized by its owner -- as the ad says "you should have the freedom to design the things in your life to be as unique as you are."

That suggests that consumers will be able to choose how much RAM and internal storage the device has as well as the color, finish and texture of its casing. It could even mean that users can create a customized ‘skin' -- the interface that sits on top of the stock Android operating system -- to reflect their tastes and their smartphone needs. The ads carry no images of the handset, instead featuring a young couple excitedly jumping into the sea.

In May, during the All Things Digital D11 conference, Motorola Mobility's CEO, Dennis Woodside revealed that the Moto X would use a host of ‘always on' sensors to enable contextual awareness and automatically do things based on location. For example it would know when it was in a car and so launch the voice command option and the turn-by-turn navigation application. It would also know when the user wanted to take a photo and therefore launch the camera app immediately -- something that would usually require a number of swipes and touches.

All in all, the Moto X is shaping up to be an intriguing phone and one that is focused on features and benefits rather than simply internal specifications.