Motorsports events gaining popularity in Singapore

More motor enthusiasts are participating in locally organized events

More motoring enthusiasts in Singapore are participating in organised motorsports events to experience the thrilling sport in a safe and controlled environment.

According to Managing Partner of DriveRite LLP, Darion Lim, there has been a steady increase in the number of participants at such events in the past three years. Set up in 2012, DriveRite LLP has been organising motorsports events in Singapore and across the Causeway.

Such events enable enthusiasts to hone their motoring skills, and gain knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of their cars.

“Participants can meet like-minded enthusiasts, make new friends and clock ample, practice-oriented seat time to sharpen their car control skills in a well-managed and friendly environment,” said Lim, who is also a motoring enthusiast.

Motor enthusiasts are able to hone their motoring skills at such events


Motoring enthusiasts regularly participate in events in Singapore held at venues like the car parks at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Changi Exhibition Centre.

According to the Event Manager of Auto Moment, Royston Chong, such events provide a safe and affordable avenue for enthusiasts to enjoy motoring activities.

“Participation has been growing steadily over the past one year and we hope that more motoring enthusiasts can join our community,” Chong said.

The level of participation is also equally active in Malaysia. The Singapore motoring event companies have been organising events in places like Malacca, Sepang and Pasir Gudang.

Lim said that prior to the start of an event, such as the DriveRite Tarmac Rally-X in Malacca, a briefing for drivers is conducted.

“The briefing covers the proceedings of the day, track driving procedures and etiquette. Practice-oriented runs are conducted to provide opportunities for participants to acclimatise themselves to the circuit,” he said.

Grassroots motoring events allow participants to sharpen their driving skills in a safe environment


Norman Souza Tan, an avid motoring enthusiast, took part in one of the events organised by DriveRite LLP in October and enjoyed the experience.

“My virgin attempt at this tight and twisty circuit (in Malacca) challenged me to have good car control skills while being comfortable with rotating the car well for the best timing.

 “I enjoyed myself immensely with the exciting layout by DriveRite within the safe confines of the circuit, the driving experience and trackside camaraderie,” he said.