Movie on Amos Yee seeks USD$25,000 from crowdfunding

Photo: Screengrab from campaign video

“Help us make this movie about a boy that went too far and a system that went even further.”

Chestnuts, a long-running parody show that frequently spoofs current affairs, has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help fund a musical movie entitled ‘UnbelYEEvable: The Musical’. The campaign aims to raise USD$25,000 to produce the film.

Originally a sketch for theatre production Chestnuts 50, the Media Development Authority (MDA) asked writer-director Jonathan Lim to remove the Amos Yee segment from the production which ran in September.

MDA said in a statement that the script was submitted late, and that it was unable to process "several problematic segments concerning an ongoing court case" in time.

Lim, founder of Chestnuts told Yahoo Singapore the movie will be released on YouTube. The choice of platform was partially inspired by Yee himself. “After all, MDA could only request for Amos Yee to take down his videos, but never managed to,” said Lim.

In July this year, 16-year-old blogger was given a four-week backdated jail sentence after being found guilty of making offensive remarks against Christianity, and for circulating an obscene image.

Lim also said Chestnuts has not contacted Yee regarding this project.

“It’s not an Amos Yee project, it’s about us, as Singaporeans dealing with the whole saga.” said Lim, “This is a parody of the media circus that happened around him… At the end of the day, it’s not really about Amos. It’s about how we reacted to Amos.”

Lim hopes the film can be released this year. He said, “We’re hoping to release the movie in time for SG50. We think the message is more poignant and meaningful now more than ever. Basically, before December 31st.”

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