Moving services director fined $9,000 for dumping furniture in Jurong area

The illegally dumped furniture spotted along Jalan Terusan by NEA officers. (PHOTO: National Environment Agency)

SINGAPORE — A moving services director dumped more than 20 pieces of unwanted furniture illegally along Jalan Terusan near Jurong Port Road to save on disposal fees on 30 September 2018, instead of sending them to second-hand dealer or recyclers.

The furniture were found by National Environment Agency (NEA) officers during their routine surveillance and traced back to the director, said NEA in a statement on Tuesday (12 November).

The director was subsequently charged under the Environmental Public Health Act for dumping waste from a vehicle in a public place and fined $9,000 on 7 November.

Illegal dumping of waste in a public place is a serious offence as it causes pollution and public health hazards, NEA said.

The maximum fine for the offence is $50,000, or up to a year’s jail, or both. Repeat offenders face a maximum fine of $100,000, or a jail term of between one month and one year, or both.

Members of the public can help by calling NEA's call centre at 1800-2255632 regarding should they witness any illegal dumping activity.

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