MP Shahidan Kassim has warrant issued in teen molestation charges, currently on ‘umrah’ pilgrimage

Bad news comes in threes, but exponentially so if you’re UMNO – if it’s not 1MDB, then it’s more MACC woes, and even if you’re not on the hook for a litany of charges, UMNO politicians aren’t above calling someone the intellectual equivalent of a carrot on Twitter. Messy, and occasionally hilarious, times.

Things have taken another turn for the worse, as Perlis MP, and former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Shahidan Kassim – you know, the guy who was accused of impropriety with a teen, and then accused of obstructing justice by allegedly coercing and offering cash to her family to withdraw their police report, is a wanted man this fine Friday.

Turns out, Kassim skipped court to face charges on allegedly molesting the underage girl, and a Kangar, Perlis sessions court judge was forced to issue an arrest warrant. Speaking via his lawyer, he claims his client was unaware that such charges would lead to a warrant being issued, and is currently “out of the country.”

You know, when you’re being investigated for molesting a teen, and accused of a laundry list of other things to keep the case quiet, your first move is to grab your passport, and get the heck outta dodge, ammirite?!

His lawyer added that he will be seeking a revocation of the arrest warrant, and stressed that his client “has not run away.”

A perusal on Shahidan’s Facebook account has revealed that the MP is currently in Saudi Arabia performing umrah, an Islamic pilgrimage that can be taken at any time of year – so like maybe also when you’re not under a high-profile investigation.

Previously, social media chatter had leaked that an unnamed Perlis UMNO MP had a police report filed over his impropriety with a 15-year-old girl; however, that same day the girl’s parents decided to withdraw the report with accusations that the politician had interfered in the matter. No further police investigations were done, until the story picked up steam – forcing both the MP to out himself, and the police to re-open the investigation.

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