MrBeast Accused of ‘Editing Out’ YouTuber Rosanna Pansino From Creator Games Video

MrBeast; Rosanna Pansino Credit - Michael Tran—AFP/Getty Images; Kayla Oaddams—WireImage/Getty Images

YouTuber Rosanna Pansino has accused MrBeast of editing her out of a video in the YouTube “Creator Games” series. Created by MrBeast, the “Creator Games” challenge pits popular YouTube personalities against each other in games like rock-paper-scissors or hide-and-seek.

Pansino, a baking and lifestyle influencer, who has appeared in all three installments of the “Creator Games,” says that in the 2021 games, which was titled “Extreme $1,000,000 Hide and Seek,” she came in third place. But the video, posted in December 2021 does not feature her in the top three. Instead, it shows other YouTubers Logan Paul, Larray, and Zach King as the top three contenders.

Pansino initially brought this up during her appearance on the most recent episode of Trisha Paytas’ podcast, “Just Trish,” saying she waited to speak out about the incident because she did not want to face the wrath of MrBeast’s fanbase. On Thursday, she posted a lengthy statement on X about the situation.

“MrBeast (Jimmy) had edited the video to make me look like I performed worse than I did,” she writes. “This was extra upsetting because I genuinely believed him when he said that his videos are ‘authentic and real.’” She says that the top three actually consisted of Quackity, Zach King, and herself.

Neither Pansino nor MrBeast immediately responded to TIME’s requests for comment.

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In her statement, Pansino writes that the games were a large-scale version of hide-and-seek and took place in SoFi Stadium. The participants had earpieces connected to walkie-talkies so they could hear when they needed to switch hiding places. If they didn’t move, they were immediately disqualified, she writes, and she heard them announce that they found Paul. They filmed for over 24 hours straight. She was offered money to quit, she writes, but she declined and kept playing.

She says that she was found while moving to a new hiding spot, and she thought she placed fourth, but Larray had fallen asleep—which meant that he was disqualified, moving her to third place. “I placed third, Quackity placed second, and Zach placed first. This is what actually happened,” she writes. “Despite Jimmy editing out the ONLY FEMALE in the top three, I was proud of what I had achieved.”

People online immediately questioned the accuracy of Pansino’s claims and asked her to provide evidence. She responded to one person saying that Quackity made a video in May 2022 corroborating her story. Users began posting clips of his old videos, where he discussed getting second place.

In another statement, Pansino thanked her fans for supporting her in speaking out. “I was scared to tell my story for a long time because of how much hate others have gotten in the past for speaking up about their own experiences.” Pansino says she has received at least three messages from other female creators who have dealt with something similar with MrBeast.

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