Moment Tory politician storms out of Welsh parliament after row: 'It's an affront to democracy'

Watch: MS storms out of Welsh parliament in row over hospitals and transport: 'It is an affront to democracy'

A row broke out at the Welsh Assembly (Senedd) on Wednesday after a Conservative politician lost his temper during a debate on health and social services.

Gareth Davies, Conservative member of the Senedd (MP) for Vale of Clwyd, stormed out of the chamber after Labour health minister Eluned Morgan attempted to deflect his question on hospitals and transport in his constituency.

The incident began when Davies, who is also a shadow social services minister, became visibly frustrated when he had a point of order rejected by presiding officer, MS Elin Jones.

"Let's just carry on – we can take this up afterwards, we can take it up afterwards," Morgan told Davies.

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However, Davies proceeded to throw a plastic lectern off his desk, interrupting Morgan and triggering chaos in the chamber.

Jones called for order and told Morgan to resume answering his question, but Davies said: "I've had enough, I've had enough...

"If she's got the decency to respond then come on, let's have it - let's have it! ... I'm tired of this!"

After Davis slammed his hand onto his desk in anger, Jones told Davies to leave.

"I'm not asking the minister to respond to the question because things have gone out of order," she said.

Tory MS Gareth Davies said his treatment was an 'affront to democracy'. (

"You had your chance, Gareth Davies, I'll ask you if you want to leave quietly."

Davies responded: "I will leave! It's an affront to democracy! It's an affront to democracy... there's no answer - so I will leave."

Jones told him as he exited: "You will apologise to the chair before you are allowed to re-enter this chamber, and I will expect that apology soon."

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Following the incident, a Welsh Conservative Senedd spokesman told the BBC: "Gareth has apologised to the chair and to Carolyn. He makes no apologies for raising legitimate questions with Labour ministers.

"The member was reflecting the frustration felt by many people in Wales about Labour's management of our health service."

It comes weeks after Welsh first minister, Labour's Mark Drakeford, apologised for getting angry during a debate last month when he was grilled by Welsh Tories leader Andrew Davies on ambulance response times.

"It is absolutely shocking to me that you think that you can turn up here this afternoon with the mess that your party has made to the budgets of this country, to the reputation of this country around the world, that you promise those people that there will be more to come," Drakeford said.

"And you think you turn up here this afternoon and claim some sort of moral high ground? What sort of world do you belong in?"

Drakeford later told the i newspaper he regretted the outburst.

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