M'sian opposition's pact set to crumble, says Najib

News Desk in Shah Alam/The Star
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Shah Alam (The Star/ANN) - As the battle for Selangor heats up, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak drew attention to the disarray among Pakatan Rakyat parties.

The prime minister and Barisan chairman said their relationship was fragile and set to crumble soon.

"They are even contesting against each other in seven constituencies. Their partnership will not last," he added at Taman Muda yesterday.

In his speech before a walkabout, Najib said that sentiment on the ground indicated strong support for Barisan.

He added that the electorate knew the problem when the federal and state governments were on opposite sides.

"One problem (in Selangor) is the water issue which has still not been resolved," Najib said.

The Pakatan government was more focused on taking over the state's water assets than in ensuring continued water supply, he added.

He said that it was crucial for Barisan to retake Selangor as it is a commercial hub of the nation, and urged people in the Kota Raja parliamentary constituency to vote for the coalition.

He also said the Barisan candidate for the seat, S. Murugesan, had made pledges which would greatly benefit the people.

"Barisan takes very seriously pledges they make to the people and will ensure that they are delivered," he said, adding that people who made promises but failed to keep them would be dealt with duly.

"Give us a big mandate and we will bring a big change to Selangor," Najib said before going to the Al-Falah mosque and meeting voters at Muda Plaza.

At Taman Greenwood in Gombak, Najib said the pledges that Barisan Nasional made were realistic and "implementable".

"We take the trouble to make studies before making any pledge," he said.

Najib also said that a bigger mandate was important for the Barisan government to maintain the momentum of development.

He stressed the importance of Selangor being in sync with the federal government to ensure progress for the state.