M'sians back from N. Korea: Six-year-old Annur steals the show


SEPANG: The daughter of Mohd Nor Azrin Md Zain, counsellor at the Malaysian Embassy in North Korea, stole the limelight at this morning's homecoming ceremony at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Six-year-old Annur Zulaikha, who was one of nine Malaysians flown home from Pyongyang after being barred from leaving for over three weeks, was not camera-shy and seemed to enjoy her “15 minutes of fame” in front of the flashing photo and video cameras of the international media.

Clasping her backpack straps in a self-assured manner, Annur confidently led the delegation into the Bunga Raya Complex at around 5.15am, staying ahead of her father and Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman.

At a press conference later, unlike her five-year-old sister, Aynur Zhafirah, Annur stood tapping her foot and occasionally yawning, in a way that suggested she was restless and wanted to explore the complex.

New Straits Times’ Facebook live stream captured Annur's adorable character, as she swayed her hips and occasionally rested her head against her mother, Iza Karmila Ramli and Nirmala Malar Kodi, administrative assistant at the Malaysian Embassy in North Korea.

As the returnees were brought to meet their families in a private room, and media personnel hurriedly set up their cameras and boom microphones, Annur was again spotted moving ahead of everyone else.

At around 6.30am, sleepy local and international media personnel were amused by Annur, who strutted straight to the microphones which stood as high as her head, and began to deliver what seemed to be a speech.

Although much of what she was gibberish, one word which could be made out was "ya” (yes), which she said in answer to a question on whether she was happy to finally be home.